Industrial Technical Services, Inc.
Automation and Controls


Our customers are enthusiastic about the level of service and products they have received. Here is what some have to say.

I have worked with the qroup at Industrial Technical Services, Inc. over the past five years with high visibility customers such as Raytheon, United Space Alliance and NASA. They have always shown the diligence to detail and a willingness to go that extra mile to ensure project success. On a particular project for NASA, they personally delivered and installed a rather large and delicate system to Cape Canaveral to avoid possible system damage through normal freight shipping and to make sure the customer was operating as needed. They were instrumental in setting the stage for the successful completion of this and other projects.

Mr. Sedley - Applications Engineer - Cross Automation 

I hired Industrial Technical Services, Inc. to help me with an unusual large panel project that had to be built for the Embassy in Sudan. The project required some ingenuity and very high technical skills. Industrial Technical Services, Inc. performed above and beyond the call of duty, working efficently and diligently until the end, all the while coming up with some creative solutions to problems we encountered. They made a difficult project look easy while providing an excellent price. I look forward to working with them on future projects.

Mr. Hill - CEO - Nationwide Electric 

I have worked with the guys at ITS, Inc. for over five years installing conveyor and robotic systems throughout the country. They provide our company with a wide range of services such as design and fabrication of control systems as well as installation, PLC programming and Auto-Cad drawings. The staff is professional and very knowledgeable. Having their support before, during and after the project allows us to successfully execute each project. When they are involved in projects for me, I have the utmost confidence not only with the equipment but the workmanship and effort of the staff as well. I would recommend them to anyone.

Mr. Cummings - Director of Technical Support - Peaklogix

We have worked with Industrial Technical Services, Inc. on a wide variety of Automation and Control projects over the years. We know by their actions that they are committed to providing customers with the highest quality systems that are designed and packaged to provide the right solutions.

Mr. Hansen - Controls Engineer - Hermitage Automation

AFP has been working with Industrial Technical Services, Inc. for many years and has always been impressed with the quality and craftmanship they provide. As a custom hydraulic and system builder we have worked with them when we need UL508A Control Panels. They have been an asset by responding quickly, providing quality work and helping us to design compliant panels. I would recommend them to anyone needing system engineering, panel design and control panel fabrication.

Mr. Brown - Electrical Automation Products Manager - AFP Industries, Inc.

I was very impressed with the quality and professionalism of the products services that they offer. Their design and implementations are very reliable and provide excellent documentation and customer followup. It is always comforting when you can deal with honest and reasonable professionals.

Mr. Klein - Dupont Control Systems Consultant (Retired)